Which brick do you choose?


                          Polished tile is the oldest product, at least a dozen years of production experience, mature process. The polishing brick is made on the surface of the whole brick. Additional bo change brick is to point to density commonly higher, water absorption is inferior polish brick. It can be said that the vitrified brick is the best of polishing bricks.

                          The lay of glaze brick is to add a layer of glaze on top of the whole brick, and then fire again, and then polish.

                          Microcrystalline stone is to add a layer of glass material above the brick.

                          Than hardness:

                          Polishing brick > glaze brick > microcrystalline stone

                          That is to say, polishing brick is the most wear-resistant, microcrystalline stone is the softest and least wear-resistant

                          Than the fouling resistance:

                          Microspar > glazed tile > polished tile

                          Of course, the glass is resistant to contamination, and the surface of the polished tile will have very small invisible holes, so the glossiness is not as good as the other two for a long time

                          Than the brightness:

                          Microspar > glazed tile > polished tile

                          Of course, this is the theory, different brands of products, quality is not the same, nor is the absolute ranking. The equipment is better, the production standards are stricter, the quality inspection is stricter, so, the budget is adequate and of course you can choose the products of the big factory, which is known to all. In addition, some factories will have several different sub-brands, with different positioning and price, and the quality standards will not be too different. If the budget is low, you can choose the sub-brand products of a large factory, with high cost performance.

                          As to the choice of 3 person, if do not consider to decorate the word of style, suggest the ground can use burnish brick or cast glaze brick, microcrystalline stone is not wear-resisting proposal is used in metope. Cast glaze brick wear-resisting degree also does not polish brick good, but cast glaze brick brightness is high, somebody feels better see, also can use the ground, at ordinary times the door changes a shoe, protect a few good. Actually besides 3 besides still have archaize brick to wait to be able to choose.

                          Still have, in the industry approbate guangdong brick commonly, also be guangdong produces namely, main producing area is foshan commonly. If there are different producing areas in guangdong, shandong and jiangxi, it is suggested to choose guangdong producing areas.

                          In addition, the following points can be noted during the ceramic tile purchase:

                          1. Calculate the usage amount as much as possible, and discuss with the merchant in advance about more refund and less repair, because the color difference between different batches may exist in replenishment. Do not soak all the water when laying, so the soak water cannot be returned.

                          2. Floor tiles can be placed on the wall, but not on the floor. Floor tiles on the wall as small as possible, using tile glue or dry hanging method to spread paste, otherwise easy to empty drum easy to drop.

                          3, the brick that is blocked behind ambry, inside course of study calls "concealment brick", if this part wants to save a budget, can replace with cheap brick, or the stock brick that lets a businessman deliver a few cannot sell.

                          4. If the tile is to be cut, it is better to ask the merchants to offer cutting services when negotiating the price. In this way, on the one hand, the cutting fee can be saved, and on the other hand, the loss can be reduced.

                          5, when buying ceramic tile, want to discuss with the business whether free deliver goods, free send downstair still send upstairs send in the door, these service also are money.

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