difference between brick


                          Polishing brick

                          A polished brick is a brick that is polished directly on the embryo body. Characteristic is more wear-resisting, cheaper, with for a long time will be dumb light, because the cause of the grinding will expose the embryonic body pores so good polishing brick will just before they go out anti-fouling processing, glazed ceramic, there are a variety of classification, the mainstream market is fully glazed ceramic, is under the embryonic body and a layer of glaze color, then a layer of transparent glaze on the transparent glaze and polishing also don't polishing, polishing on market to a little more, because very attractive, not polished look color thick, more suitable place in cultural connotation.

                          Glazed ceramic tile

                          Polishing ceramic tile is a kind of ceramic tile that can be polished in the glaze. Its characteristic is glaze face is as smooth bright and clean as polishing brick, at the same time its glaze design and color is as rich as the pattern of archaize brick, colour massiness or gorgeous. The glaze is characterized by transparent surface glaze without covering the underside and various flower glaze. When the glaze is cast, only a thin layer of transparent glaze is removed. The transparent and convex flower glaze is excellent for full glaze. Overglaze brick is called full overglaze on the market, which can be divided into marble, supercrystalline stone, super-flat glaze, diamond, etc. Of course, the tile of full overglaze will be a little more expensive than polished brick, for example, the polishing brick of 800x800 30-150 is relatively mainstream, and the 80-160 of full polishing is relatively mainstream.

                          Comparison and analysis

                          Polishing bricks belong to the more mature products, early domestic production and sales of whole porcelain glass.

                          High wear resistance, high brightness, easy to clean. In addition to the osmosis series, the products produced by the big factory have the extremely strong pollution resistance of the secondary fabric, but the color system and the pattern are single, and the fabric series products are doomed to have only a few color composition, without diversity, the market price is more moderate and transparent.

                          Glaze brick is the popular product of nearly 7 years, the working procedure that it produces is more than polishing brick to give two craft drench glaze, printing, the printing color of glaze brick is pure and fresh and natural, and the brightness of glaze surface is higher than the brightness of polishing brick, and stain resistance is superior also at polishing brick. The abrasion coefficient of the glazed tile surface is lower than that of the polished tile. The cost performance of the two is not in the same range, the polishing brick after machine grinding edge is seamless paving process, glazing tile is a natural right-angle side of the paving appropriate reserved gap, so that the finished product of the paving has a smooth feeling.

                          The main difference

                          Talk from colour, polishing brick is not cast glaze brick is rich, because cast glaze brick, the glaze material of the surface can use inkjet printer to print all sorts of pattern and colour, tell from colour so, cast glaze brick has advantage.

                          Of course the process is advanced and the price of the glazed tiles is more expensive.

                          Demerit from wear-resisting degree, burnish brick is stronger than cast glazing brick, basically be glaze material itself is similar to the material of glass material, although bright and clean, but wearability does not have burnish brick is good.

                          Contrast result: did not say who is absolutely good or bad, can say to each have distinguishing feature only, according to actual need choose appropriate go.

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