Marble tiles, 7 features?


                          Marble ceramic tile, its earliest definition is namely: imitate precious marble stone material grain of a kind of ceramic tile product, it is a kind that family decorates mainstream select material namely; Marble ceramic tile product not only perfect revives the precious grain of natural stone material, also developed the physical performance of ceramic tile superior to acme, marble ceramic tile also is the ceramic tile product with the best decorative effect.

                          1. Fidelity - reduction of stone grain 99.9%

                          True degree is the life of marble ceramic tile, what can reappear true stone face greatly is good marble ceramic tile, its stone grain restore degree is 99.9% be high grade marble ceramic tile.

                          2. Degree of repetition - the area of stone texture will vary by 5 square meters

                          Repeat degree is the important characteristic of marble ceramic tile, the marble ceramic tile with rich texture can let a space appear fluent and natural, continuous, bring comfortable and wonderful visual enjoyment, and what flesh texture repeat can let a space appear stiff and inflexible, stone grain flesh texture does not repeat an area to make 5 square metre is the necessary characteristic of good marble ceramic tile.

                          3. Fine India - high precision printing on 0 grid with brick surface of 360DPI

                          High quality tiles should not have problems such as mesh, texture blur and mechanical printing traces. The surface texture of high quality marble tiles should be 0 mesh with high precision 360DPI.

                          4. Vitrification degree - water absorption rate is less than 0.05%

                          Bibulous rate is the main standard that measures marble ceramic tile quality, the brick body of low bibulous rate not easy conceal dirt, easy do, marble ceramic tile of super high quality, bibulous rate should be less than or equal to 0.05%.

                          5. Hardness - mohs shall be greater than or equal to grade 6

                          The higher the mohs hardness is, the stronger the anti-friction and pressure-resistance is. If the ceramic tile is not hard enough, the tile will be easily damaged.

                          6. The self-cleaning degree - anti-pollution coefficient should be greater than or equal to grade 5

                          Self-cleaning comes from the density of masonry glaze, the higher the density, the more difficult to penetrate stains into tiles, anti-pollution coefficient should be greater than or equal to 5 to meet the requirements of ultra-high quality marble tiles.

                          7. Density - the weight of tiles per square meter is 25Kg

                          Different brand, the ceramic tile of same size, weight is higher, the weight means ceramic tile is thicker more solid with makings more reach density is higher, the density of marble ceramic tile should satisfy every square metre ceramic tile weight gives 25Kg.

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