What ceramic tile is better?


                          As is known to all, we are decorating, basically all is ceramic tile of laid of need, for instance the sitting room, bathroom, bedroom and a balcony, let the balcony to use what kind of ceramic tile is good in general, the ceramic tile of the balcony to cost is lower than our indoor cost a lot, this is because the material problem oh, then what is suitable for ceramic tile is better for balcony, small make up today to do a detailed introduction to you!

                          What ceramic tile does the balcony use better

                          The brick

                          Whole body brick, it is to will rock fragment is pressed through high pressure and become, hard degree after the surface is polished can compare with stone material, water absorption rate is lower, wearability is good. The surface of whole body brick does not go up glaze, and the material with opposite side and colour and lustre are consistent, accordingly get name. Although still have the breed such as ooze spends complete body brick now, but relatively speaking, its design and color is inferior to glazed pottery. Most of the anti - skid bricks belong to the whole body brick. It is generally used on the floors of halls, aisles and outdoor walkways, and is rarely used on walls.

                          Glazed tile

                          Glazed tile is to point to the surface of the brick after the treatment of firing glaze. The pattern of glazed tile is more abundant than polishing brick, and it plays the role of antifouling. But because of the glaze material used on the surface of the glazed tile, it has no polished tile wear resistance. The biggest advantage of glazed pottery is impervious to seepage, do not fear dirty, the nonskid degree of most glazed pottery is very good, and glazed pottery surface still can fire all sorts of decorative pattern, the style is more diversiform. Although the wearability of glazed pottery brick is a bit poorer than vitrified brick, but the wear-resisting degree of eligible product can satisfy the need that family USES absolutely. The applicable scope of glazed tile is: kitchen, toilet balcony and so on.

                          Polishing brick

                          Polishing brick refers to the brick that has been polished and polished. Compared to the surface roughness of the tile, the polished tile appears much more polished. Polishing bricks are very hard and wear - resistant. On the basis of the percolation technology, the polishing brick can make a lot of imitation stone, imitation wood effect. Polishing brick because of its hard, wear-resistant, suitable for large areas of indoor and outdoor paving and paste by consumers. But the concavo-convex pores left by the polished tile during fabrication can hide dirt and cause the surface to easily seep into contaminants. It is applicable to scope besides toilet, other bedroom outside kitchen.

                          Bo changes a brick

                          Vitrified brick is a kind of brightening brick, which is a kind of general brick. The ceramic brick that bibulous rate is lower than 0.5% is vitrified brick, burnish brick bibulous rate is lower than 0.5% also belong to vitrified brick (higher than 0.5% can be burnish brick is not vitrified brick only), undertake lens face polish next brick gets vitrified polishing brick, because absorbing water rate is low, its hardness is relatively higher also, have Nick not easily.

                          What introduce above is about to undertake decorating to balcony ground when, choose what kind of product is better, this also is a problem that a lot of consumer concern, so this kind of product that is used at balcony ground to decorate must have the following characteristic, that is moistureproof fight cold, prevent prevent and fight corrode.

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