商消共融的現代生活 - 畫未空間

                          Heart bamboo, foshan ceramics co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: foshan heart bamboo enterprise) is a China based an innovative ceramic pottery - foshan, guangdong enterprises, innovative brand "painting not ceramic" brand creation and development, reveals the enterprise product customization, market operation efficiency, precise positioning and marketing resources such as creative thinking, was determined to make accurate marketing innovative brand "benchmarking" ceramic industry.

                          Painting unceramic (also known as painting unmodern brick) is a modern precision marketing ceramic brand positioning for China's ceramic industry. Marketing forward operating headquarters is located in the northeast of liaoning province, is located in shenyang library ceramic base, undertake in heilongjiang and jilin province, the first to change accurate market operation mode, in the northeast three provinces, for accurate market, grasp accurately the generality of the consumption habits of product development, brand image promotion, creating and marketing mode of the market consumption as a benchmark and product innovation to the market, in order to win-win cooperation for long-term development, is bound to successful brand building ceramic industry fine market characteristics, product consumption and brand and convenient accurate market consumption brand.

                          With the management concept of "innovation, precision, service and investment", the company makes precise innovation, fine service and profitable investment to build a Shared brand that is profitable, easy and sustainable for its partners. Set up reasonable consumption, comfortable consumption and enjoy consumption of household ceramics favorite brand for consumers. Manufacturers integrated, business elimination integrated modern life, painting space.



                          A new

                          Draw the root of the unbranded, with innovative products, new market models, the constant pursuit of updated results.

                          Essence of quasi

                          The business model is simple and direct, the business network is more dense, the business idea is clearer, and the profit way is more convenient.


                          The deep popularity of the product lies in the service. The service can be perceived by every partner, and the brand can be realized in the heart of every customer.

                          Into the

                          To make effective investment can get real return space, and to rationalize the investment is to reduce the operating cost for each partner.

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